Gas Leak Testing

We here at Plumbing Walnut Creek believe it's important to provide gas leak testing because having a gas valve in your home can be a hazard without the proper maintenance and frequent checks. We offer gas leak testing to check all the gas functions to ensure they are being used properly and generating energy for your system. Gas leaks typically occur when there is a bad structure or appliance failure. Gas leaks are no joking matter.

In addition to a bad smell, they linger and can also produce extremely lethal consequences such as carbon monoxide poisoning, unpredictable fires, and in a worst case scenario, can lead to explosions. The most obvious sign of a gas leak is the terrible odor you smell. If this occurs it's best to step outside in the fresh air.

​If you are outside and you feel nauseous or have the same smell lingering, these are indicators of a problem. Don’t go through the pain or worse the death of an explosive fire. Call a Walnut Creek Plumber, and We can fix your leaking gas pipes.