Gas, Water, and Sewer Pipe Repairs, Walnut Creek, CA

Are you worried you might have a gas leak? Chances are if you had a bad gas leak you’d smell it. Seriously, if you smell something abnormal near the gas line it is almost certainly a leak. Most often than not, utility companies will add a distinct smell to the gas line so you would know, without a doubt, that there’s a leak. Our team has awareness of safety when dealing with new or old gas lines. It's important to be cautious when dealing with gas lines in or around houses or business. Safety is our number one priority hands down. Upon entering the house or business of our client, we will be sure to inspect the issue at hand and address a solution that will allow you to be comfortable knowing your gas line will be fixed and running properly. Is this an emergency repair? No need to fret anymore. Our experts at Plumbing Walnut Creek are ready for your call. Typically, a basic water heater unit will need a natural gas line installed so the water in the area will be able to heat quicker than a water heater without a gas line. The team is always ready and prepared with the best industry equipment needed to get the job done whether it’s a new gas line installation or repair for a new water heater, or any typical daily appliance that relies on gas.

Water Line Repair

It’s vital to know your water line is running smoothly without any problems; after all water is the most important fluid needed to survive. The truth of the matter is you may not know your water line needs to be repaired. A problem can occur anytime in your home or business. There are a couple of indicators of water line problems but the biggest sign is when there seems to be low water pressure. For example, when you turn the kitchen faucet on and very little water comes out, that is a sign of a possible leak. Before calling any plumbers, check to see if any other faucets are experiencing low water pressure. The case may be that only 2 or 3 faucets have low water pressure. Checking other faucets helps to address the line that is the root of the problem. Corrosion and rust build up within the water pipes may be the cause of the low water pressure that you may experience. Corrosion and rust build up in water pipes is typically associated with older homes (built over 25-30 years ago) that contain galvanized pipes, which cause plumbing catastrophes over time. Unfortunately galvanized pipes attract more corrosion build up than the industry standard copper piping used in new homes today. Copper piping is the preferred choice when deciding the material to install in a brand new home or old home ready for an upgraded plumbing system. The reason copper is so widely used in plumbing is because it is prone to fight off corrosion a lot better than any other metal especially given the constant water circulation. Do you seem to have low water pressure, abnormally colored water, leaking or damaged water pipes? The answer may be to upgrade to a newer more improved plumbing system that includes re piping with copper. By upgrading to a newer, copper based water pipe system there will be a tremendous amount of benefits including increased water pressure throughout the system, assistance in disabling future problems, and significantly adding to the home’s value. Whether you had a water line issue in the past or not you will have one in the future as water line problems are typical for home or business owners of older properties . Call Walnut Creek Plumbing today for a free quote!

Sewer Line Repair:

​Does it seem like your sewer line is eroding, blocked, broken, or appear to have growing plants inside the pipeline? If so, don’t wait and call us today to put this sewer line matter to bed. Mother nature, whether it's plants or tree roots, can often times interfere with the sewer pipe lines producing fractured or broken pipes. Often times clogged sewer lines can cause a significant amount of pressure that easily destroys the pipe. Unusual sounds, smells, and abstract leak marks within the residence are clear signs a professional needs to get called to address an internal plumbing problem. Many of these plumbing matters have to be taken seriously or else the risk of serious damage is at stake. If you have an existing sewer line system that has indications of erosion or is cracked, we might suggest that you consider getting a new copper built plumbing system. The installation process is quite simple and doesn’t usually take longer than 24 hours. Hydro jetting is started by cleaning out the whole pipe in a small hole in the ground. After the hydro jetting a fiberglass tube is installed into the destroyed pipe system. Severely high air pressure is produced to switch the fiberglass into a corrosion fighting replacement for your system. Don’t go another day worried about the health of the sewer line system. Trust the professionals to get the job done for you!