Appliance Installations in Contra Costa County, CA

Having a professional help assist with any appliance installation with the best quality of service can mean all the difference; that's exactly why our Walnut Creek plumbing services stand out in the crowd amongst our competitors. Do power tools or complicated DIY projects make you nervous? Don’t worry. Our experts are highly skilled and trained with the ability to setup and install appliances for you. Setting up an appliance can be very complicated and dangerous if not done properly. Pick up the phone and call one of our expert plumbers. Don’t risk it!

Appliances can be tricky if you're not the expert, so might as well bring in someone who is an local expert and install your garbage disposal, water heater, washing machine, toilet, sinks, and other various fixtures that are essential for sanity and functionality in your home.

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Common Appliance Installations

Water Heater System

Are you in need of installing a brand new water heater? If you answered “yes”, one of our professionals can assist you in moving and setting up your new water heater, call a plumbing service today to get the help you need! For our Walnut Creek team to help our clients, we will assist with installing water heaters made of stainless steel which significantly aid in fighting the costly “disease” known to plumbers as erosion. These units direct hot water to the direct source of need, and also help to maintain the hot water from being wasted in the form of storage. Imagine how miserable your day would be without hot water. It’s often overlooked, but crucial to your day. Tired of cold showers? Or not sufficient water for cleaning dishes? (I would be tired of it too!) Having a properly working water heater can fix these problems and many more. Don’t wait for the day to come when you realize your hot water went out because you failed to realize your water heater needs attention. Call one of our highly trained plumbers to assist in any type of water heater installation so that you can enjoy the finer things in life, such as running hot water.

Washing Machine

Are you buying a new washing machine or moving a current washing machine to a different location? It might be tough to set up the washing machine without an expert ready to connect the essential valves, something simple that one of our plumbers would have no problem with and gladly provide the service. The last thing you need is a broken washing machine that fails because the machine’s lines do not properly align with the external draining system, failure to act upon this will definitely result in water leaks which can cause rust and unwanted mold build up. Don’t fret over the fact that all your washing machine installation worries still bug you because our professional plumbers know how to set up, re-route, and align properly a new or old washing machine. Call Plumbing Walnut Creek for a free quote!


Installing a toilet can seem like a daunting activity that may seem impossible to complete. Let our experts complete the toilet installation for you! Toilet installation is needed because; old toilets need to be replaced, a broken toilet bowl, you are tired of keeping up with the relentless maintenance, or you have an insecure shaky toilet when in use. It’s tough to go about your daily business without having your toilet safe and secure in the ground. Sometimes is hard to know if your toilet is in good condition because checking your toilet doesn’t seem like a weekly chore, but it is strongly recommended to have a toilet check up every 6 months. Whether you need a toilet installation, checkup, or repair we got you covered.

Garbage Disposal

We will also assist with garbage disposal installation. It’s easy to forget about something so basic yet essential as a garbage disposal because we never see the unit. The garbage disposal is in a cabinet under a sink that is only ever looked at when there is a malfunction. We take for granted that without a simple garbage disposal in the kitchen doing the dishes would be a lot more uncomfortable. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, you simply throw the food waste in the drain combined with cold running water (VIZZZZZ) with a push of a bottom all the food waste in crushed and liquefied in the disposal unit. In desperate need of a garbage disposal installation, check up, or repair, we can handle any problem regarding a garbage disposal so you won’t have to worry about food building up causing an unwanted mess.