Faucet Plumbing Repair

Faucet in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom not working? Is there no obvious running water coming out of the faucet? It is a great idea to give us a shout if you're suffering from any these problems. Call. Without a properly running kitchen or bathroom faucet, there is no access to clean, running water. Daily activities become extremely difficult to accomplish without water. Water is the life blood of humans. All humans will die without a working faucet. If there is an issue with the faucet turning on or off and no water is coming out, plumbing work may be needed. Call us, so we can put the faucet back to work.

As soon as our plumbing company is aware of any issues with the water system or pipe work, an inspection may be needed. Without knowing what the problem is, there will be no way of knowing how to fix it. The best plumbing inspection comes from years and years of experience. Once an inspection is over, our plumbers will have a much better idea and plan to repair the broken faucet or pipe system. In some rare cases, replacing a brand new faucet may be the solution to the problem.

One of the biggest faucet plumbing problems most homeowners or businesses face is a dripping faucet. Not only can a dripping faucet cost money, but contrary to what most people believe it’s actually not too difficult to repair. Costs may drastically go up if the dripping water is hot because you're paying for the water heater as well.

​It is easy to recognize a dripping faucet in a sink, either you hear the water drip or you can obviously see it. If more than one faucet is dripping, the problem is only magnified. Imagine the costs on one dripping faucet, but do the math on more than one. Not good. Call us right away, if you're in this boat.

The reason a dripping faucet springs up may be due to a broken washer or nut. Water comes into the house through the water supply. The water supply will come together through underground pressure. Without this pressure, there is no pipe system. When the faucet is in an off position the water seal is restraining the incoming water from flushing through.

Without a systematic way to keep water in a structured pipe system, then there would be no way for people to have such a quick, easy access to water. Rarely are water pipes the issue with a dripping faucet. Sometimes the dripping faucet is such an easy fix, all that’s needed is a small replacement washer or nut.

If you're worried money keeps going down the drain, then call us today so we can fix the situation. Waiting and procrastinating may cost you more money than initially thought of. Fixing dripping sinks are quick and easy to do. Having the knowledge and experience behind you to help will speed up the process. Call the best plumbing contractors in Walnut Creek today to get the job done.