Leaking Water Heaters, Contra Costa County

Is your water bill higher than you think it should be? The problem may be a lot more apparent than you thought...water heater damage. It doesn’t take an expert to assume that, but it will definitely require an expert to fix it! Kudos to you because all your work of finding the right plumber has just been solved; you’ve come to the mecca of plumbing.

There are severe problems associated with water heater damage but besides the obvious cost, one’s precious property may be in jeopardy along with the precious surrounding property. This problem will be major unless you take responsibility and act fast! The last thing you want is to be held responsible for is the damage of another person’s property. Leaking water heater is a simple fix for our experts but when signs of erosion and rust come to the surface the problem becomes more obvious. A new valve can fix a leaky water heater, but if something like an eroding water heater wall is occurring a professional plumber will be needed to implement a brand new water heater.

​Do you live in an old home in Walnut Creek, Concord, Lafayette, Moraga, Antioch, Pleasant Hill, or somewhere else in the East Bay? Chances are you will need an expert to look and inspect your current plumbing system. It’s not uncommon for homes over 30 years old to have serious water heater problems. It’s not a big deal though because our experts have the most experience when it comes to restoring and replacing water heaters. Most modern homes have updated plumbing systems and are current with industry standards but older homes may need updating, so give us a call and we’d love to help out!