Broken Water Pipes, Walnut Creek, CA and Surrounding Area

Are you tired of hearing or seeing water dripping in your place of residence? If you answered “yes” you unfortunately may have a potential plumbing emergency and need an expert to help. Ignoring this issue will prompt rust to build up in your pipes. Even if knowledge of a broken pipe with moisture and water is in your residence, you should address the issue immediately. If days go by with broken pipes and water build ups are not addressed mold will start to grow in the pipes unless the matter is taken care of quickly. When mold grows, and seamlessly takes over the pipes there is a serious problem on hand. The drywall may need to be taken down and replaced with a new one; in some cases the wood structure can be severely affected and susceptible to major rotting damage. This may lead to even more issues regarding new floors or walls. (Lesson: If you see an abnormal ugly color near, around, or in your pipes call Plumbing Walnut Creek)

The wood rotting may only be an issue in your plumbing if you own an older home, but it is still a major problem to not ignore. Galvanized metal pipes were a common denominator of most homes built 40-50 years ago, but luckily that’s not the case today. The required industry standard now assures house plumbing to consist of copper. We know now that copper, unlike galvanized metal, is much better due to the simple fact that it can fight corrosion with ease. Old galvanized metal plumbing structures by contrast are prone to major corrosion, which is the primary cause of pipes breaking and leaking.

Water pipes that break and leak often can empty your wallet in the blink of an eye if you don’t regularly check up on your system. Don’t experience the pain of having to fork out thousands of dollars for not checking the health of your plumbing systems. Call for some Walnut Creek Plumbing and we will tell you how healthy your plumbing system really is!