Blocked Toilet Repairing

A blocked toilet can really be a pain in the butt. (Literally!) The Walnut Creek plumbing team of professional plumbers can help with any blocked toilets regardless if it's a running toilet or clogged toilet. Don’t let a damaged toilet rob you of energy to live your life. Like most plumbing problems it’s imperative to act fast when dealing with toilets problems. The last thing you need is a broken toilet that doesn’t seem to flush or work properly.

Clogged Toilets
It truly is one of the most embarrassing events to experience when you have guests over for dinner and you have to tell them your toilets are all clogged. This is a disgusting image and an embarrassing situation. The biggest danger with a clogged toilet is the potential for flooding. The water seems to continue to overflow beyond the toilet seat and fall to the ground causing massive puddles and a headache to clean up. It is recommended to have dirty or unwanted clothes or rags nearby in case of a serious toilet flood. The clogged toilet could be the result of a deeper internal problem within the framework of the plumbing system beneath the toilet. This is exactly where we step in to save the day!

Running Toilets
​Running toilets are very obvious to detect. If you constantly hear water running in your toilet then more than likely you either have a problem with your toilet flapper or you have a water leak problem. The water leak is a defection of continuous water filling up in the overflow pipe or flush valve unit. It is no joking matter because you can lose up to 150 gallons of water a day and it will be apparent in your next monthly water bill. (It will hurt!) The root of the running toilet can stem from a few different root causes. The common reason associated with running toilets is a corroded plumbing system under the toilet, or it could possibly be a fractured assembly part that needs a new install or is simply aged with time. Don’t flood your floors and your monthly water bills. Call for Walnut Creek plumbing services right now if you're worried about any toilet malfunctions. Our team of experts can put your stress to bed!