Garbage Disposal Plumbing

Everyday we use our garbage disposals. Are you experiencing errors with your garbage disposal? If so, pick up the phone and call our company. You don’t have to look any further for the best plumbers in Walnut Creek, CA to deal with garbage disposal malfunctions. Throughout our time in business, we’ve been fixing residential and commercial garbage disposal problems. Don’t worry any longer about having a broken unit. Garbage disposals are extremely important to have working if you're actively cooking in your kitchen. Imagine if you couldn’t dispose food anymore, and had to throw away large portions of food instead of using the garbage disposal. Life in the kitchen would be so much harder. Call today with any concerns.

There are many parts and components to having a garbage disposal unit working. To be honest, there are too many parts to count. One small screw or nut can put the whole appliance out of order. Although garbage disposals will often times work just fine for years on end, there may be problems and issues that come up temporarily. More often than not, fixing a garbage disposal will be very easy. It is recommended to have check ups on your unit on a periodic basis. With so many parts keeping the garbage disposal together, it may be difficult to see if the unit is broken or not.

When you turn on the garbage disposal to work and nothing happens it may be a good idea to check if the power went out. If after multiple attempts there is still no sign of the unit working it may be wise to try the plug on another power outlet. If nothing is working with a different power outlet then turning the circuit breaker connected to the garbage disposal completely off may be the solution. If the garbage disposal unit still doesn’t work, it may be time to call our company to come out and inspect.

​Sometimes garbage disposals may get jammed when there is a lot of usage. Hard fruits, nuts, seeds, or bones may get stuck in the garbage disposal that may jam up the unit. You will know if the unit is jammed when you turn on the garbage disposal and nothing is being shredded. If the motor is working, but nothing is being disposed then something is clearly wrong. It may be quite easy to fix a jammed garbage disposal, all you really need is a screwdriver and a small wrench. If sticking the screwdriver down the drain doesn’t work, than unscrewing the disposal unit under the sink will be the solution. It is a lot of work to have to manually fix a kitchen drain, so the best solution to your problem is to give us a ring. ​

Plumbing problems may emerge with the kitchen drain that may not be tied to the disposal drain. When water isn’t draining down the sink, it may be due to a kitchen drain malfunction. Water should naturally be draining down the kitchen sink, when this doesn’t happen something is wrong. Leaning on experienced plumbers to assist in any kitchen faucet, sink, or drain is so important to have. Without the help of Walnut Creek’s best plumbers life in the kitchen may be much harder. When you're done dealing with kitchen drain or faucet problems, give us a call when you get a chance.