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Leaks in water pipes or any other pipe system is never a good thing. Floods, in rare cases, can emerge if a leak problem isn’t taken seriously in a timely manner. Call us today if you're in Walnut Creek, CA and you're dealing with a pipe leak or problem. For years now, our team of contractors has been working on multiple different residential and commercial plumbing jobs to know exactly what needs to get fixed. Water pipes and copper water pipes are simple to fix, if there’s a leak or dripping sound evident. Don’t fear water pipe leaks anymore, call us today to take care of the problem.

Water pipes are important to the integrity of the building or structure you have. Water is pushed through a stream of well, planned out systems and pipeworks. With a broken or seriously leaking water pipe, there may be long term complications that may come up as a result. Having a maintenance checkup or repair may be required if water pressure is low, or an obvious leak problem is spilling tons of water daily. Taking all the steps to ensuring a safe and reliable water pipe system is so important. Call us with any questions about fixing water pipes. When repairing a problem in a water pipe, there are four basic steps to follow to ensure a safe water pipe system will be restored.

Four Steps to Fix a Leaky Water Pipe

  1. Identify where the bad pipe is. Once you know where the leaking pipe is, cut off the damaged section with a pipe cutter. Both sides where the plumbing leak or repair is must be cut off entirely. Rotating the pipe in the direction of the cutting is required to successfully complete the first step.
  2. Once the pipe piece that needs to be repaired or cleaned is off, use a wire fitting brush, and clean off the disposable corrosion. Over time, corrosion will inevitably build up. Don’t forget to clean the outside of the pipe with a plumbers cloth.
  3. After the pipes have been thoroughly cleaned, simply slide on the replacement piping. Centering the replacement so that half an inch is inside the whole unit on both ends is recommended.
  4. The last thing to do, once the replacements are put into place is to soldier back the piping with a torch flamer. The torch light should be on one side of the replacement while the soldier wiring is on the other side. Once the wiring melts in the piping, it may be time to pull away the flame.

Call us whenever you need help with cleaning, repairing, installing, building, and removing any pipe systems or water pipes that may need some assistance. It is very important to always have the ability to look over and maintain clean piping. No matter what may come up, you can rely on Walnut Creek’s best pipe plumbers to get the job done. Call us whenever.