Water Leak Detection & Repair

A leaking water pipe is a common problem many experience in their residence or business. The biggest sign of a water leak is when you can hear water constantly dripping, and it seems like it will go on forever. The most common places water leaks occur is in sewer systems, pipe systems, drainage lines, or under surface water pipelines. The hardest thing about dealing with a water leak is detecting it, because often times we don’t see the water pipes or the piping system is located in a difficult-to-reach place. For this reason alone it is strongly recommended to get water pipe checkups continuously so that structural damage is avoided from a possible leak.

Serious water leak repair may only be needed if you have a house that is more than 20 years. The problem with old plumbing systems is that the pipes are built from galvanized metal unlike today most new homes are built with copper pipes which allow for a longer lifespan for the pipes and are not as likely to erode. Yet Failure to detect or repair water leaks will result in a lot of mold and over the course of years there will be potential of replacement. Don’t let a water leak ruin your week or pay day. Call today. Relieve yourself of the hassle of dealing with annoying appliance setbacks.

Indicators of Potential Water Leaks or Other Problems:

  • Constant water dripping even when appliance is “off”
  • Little to no water pressure when using water faucets, valves, hoses etc.
  • Cold water coming out when on hot handle or, Hot water coming out when on cold handle
  • Broken water heater
  • Physical change in the house, with a different color or shape created from a leak
  • Don’t experience these indicators without calling a professional

Water Leak Detection Checklist:

  • Be sure all running water is off
  • Find the water meter
  • With a notepad; write down the numbers you see on the meter
  • Wait 35-45 minutes while keeping all water lines off
  • Relook at water meter numbers to see if any numbers change
  • If exact same numbers appear you're in luck with no water leak
  • If different numbers on meter turn off all valves
  • Call a plumbing service!

Water Leak Repairs:

Are you worried about a possible unsuspecting water leak? If so, call one of our talented Walnut Creek plumbers so the chaos can be addressed. Water leak issues are not to be ignored. If a water leak is not taken care of promptly the situation can escalate and become a very costly repair, which can be avoided by having an expert assist. We have the most reliable plumbers in the game to take care of any water leak. Most people don’t know that substantial water leakage can cause anywhere from 1,000 to 25,000 gallons of water to be wasted. (Lesson: Get the water leak fixed so water and wallets are saved!) Don’t let another day slip by while losing money and gallons of water. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with the best in the area at Plumbing Walnut Creek!