Fixing Clogged Drains

Having a clogged drain can seem like a harmless event. But when the realization that running water or toilet water is being blocked from draining properly due to a clog, a professional plumber must be called. If one ignores the simple task of unclogging a sink or toilet a series of unfortunate repercussions could occur.

For starters, the waste will start to build up and become larger than expecting requiring someone to physically take out and dispose of it. Sadly the use of the toilet, sink, bathtub, or pool will have to cease unless unclogging takes place. If use of the appliance continues with a clogged drain, the clogged toilet or sink will break or not be usable due to massive waste build up. It’s important to prepare for the worst case scenario with a clogged appliance.

To help provide an unwanted flood in your residence it is highly recommended to place dirty towels or dirty unwanted clothes near the source of water. This precaution is an obvious one, as the saying goes, “it’s hard to stop the bleeding when it’s already started.” Along with having dirty or unwanted towels and clothes near the source of the water it is also strongly advised to have a working plunger near the problem.

​If all else fails and the clogged drain is causing more problems than you want, give our confident, for a highly trained plumbing professional, call to have our plumbers find the source of the problem and recommend a fix quickly.